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Hot water is the backbone of the home. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to shower, bathe, or lead our normal daily lives. Part of keeping the hot water flowing in your home is having a solid storage solution in place to hold heat and support hot water flow. Not only can the right hot water system keep your home sourced with hot water, but it can save you money over time.

After all, a faulty hot water system can cost you some serious money. Whether you want to repair or replace a hot water system in your home, we can help you to find the system that will provide hot water in an efficient way. At Mandurah Plumber, we know how to choose the right hot water system for your home.We’ve got you covered!

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Hot Water Systems Mandurah

Hot Water Systems Installation

Have you found yourself shivering through a cold shower? Do you dread opening those monthly energy bills? Both can indicate that you need a new hot water system. In order to gain the benefits of a new hot water system, you’ll need to find the right installation team for the job.

As you look for a local Mandurah plumber, always choose a company that knows what they’re doing and can provide insight along the way.

A water heater that has not been properly installed can result in major water damage, temperatures that are too-hot, and even a fire within the home. Installation should always be left to professional Mandurah plumbers who know a hot water system like the back of their hand.

What's The Best Hot Water System For My Home?

Types of Hot Water Systems

When you need a new hot water system , you’ll find that there are a few key types of hot water systems to choose from. Not every type is suitable for every home. We offer a full range of hot water heater systems so that you can choose the unit that is right for you.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are by far the most common. In fact, you’ll find one in a majority of homes you come across.

How do they work?

Electric hot water systems work from the inside out. They heat up “elements” or cylinders that are submerged in the water storage tank. From there, they emit heat from the cylinders and elements to directly warm the water. They are a popular choice because they work well and operate about 50% more efficiently than gas-powered hot water heaters. However, they will result in a higher electric bill.

If electric still sounds good to you, there are high-efficiency tank options to choose from. They operate like standard tanks but offer better insulations, which will save you money annually.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help guide you in choosing which electric hot water system would be right for your Mandurah home.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Another choice many people opt for is a gas hot water system. We install many gas hot water systems in Mandurah each and every year.

How does a gas hot water heater work?

Gas water heaters work by heating the water and then storing the water in the tank until it is needed. When in use, hot water is drawn from the top of the tank and then replaced with new cold water at the bottom.

Since warm water rises, gas hot water systems work very efficiently. They require little in the way of maintenance and rarely break down.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Want to hop on the eco-friendly train? We at Mandurah Plumber can help make that happen. Whether you want to help the environment or save  money, we can help you to install a solar hot water system in Mandurah.

Unlike traditional hot water systems, solar hot water systems work by capturing thermal energy from the sun and using that energy to heat the water within your home.

These systems are made from a few key components: a storage tank, collectors, a heat exchanger, a controller system, and a standard backup heater. Solar hot water systems are much more efficient than other types of systems, which means owning one could save you up to 70% on your energy costs each year.

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Hot Water System Repairs In Mandurah

Not every hot water heater system is in need of a full replacement. In fact, many hot water heaters can be repaired in as little as one day. After all, there aren’t many things in life more inconvenient than going to take a nice hot shower only to find your water running colder than ice.

With that said, if you suspect your hot water heater is in need of repairs, call a professional. Start by searching for a local Mandurah plumber and give us a call. We’ll test all of the critical elements of the hot water heater independently to diagnose a cause and get to the root of the problem. We’ll also inspect the unit for outbound leaks, burned out components, and other signs of obvious damage.

Replacing Your Hot Water System

Hot Water System Replacement

Of course, there are always times when a hot water system cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. Believe it or not, hot water systems need to be replaced on a pretty frequent basis. As a general rule of thumb, you should look into replacing your hot water system every 8 to 12 years. If your hot water heater is already beyond that range, it might be time to take the plunge and find an energy-efficient or on-demand hot water system to replace your old ineffective tank. Not sure if you need to replace your hot water system today? Ask yourself three specific questions:

  • Has my hot water heater stopped working or no longer works reliably?
  • Is my water system incapable of producing the hot water I need daily?
  • Could I save money on a new hot water system?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, it is probably time to replace your hot water system! Reach out and find a hot water system Mandurah and we will come out and capably install your new unit. You’ll be enjoying a new hot water system in no time!

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I loved Mandurah Plumber. We have now used them twice (to fix our radiators and to remove our cooking gas lines). I have been very happy with their service both times; John has been really responsive to emails and he and his staff always seemed very competent and (unlike other contractors I've encountered in Mandurah) always doing things according to code. His prices are slightly more expensive than other quotes we've gotten but absolutely worth it for the great service we've gotten and the peace of mind that we can be sure the work is done right.
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Just when I thought there wasn't an honest plumber left, I stumbled upon Mandurah Plumber. The plumber who went to my house was upfront about what he thought my issue was and suggested I get in touch with another type of service because he assumed I didn't need a licensed plumber. He actually tried to save me money! In the end, I did need a plumber, so I called back and he sent his associate Harvey to my place. Harvey was awesome too. Super friendly and went above and beyond to get the job done. All-around thumbs up to this company!!
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