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Drain issues in the home are so common that many homeowners opt to handle the issue on their own. In fact, most will simply use a liquid drain cleaner and call it a day. Unfortunately, a slow drain can indicate big problems in the home.

If you’re experienced backed up drains or nasty odours coming from the drain, you may need to reach for a drain cleaning service Mandurah sooner rather than later. Whether the drain issue is in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or basement, a slow drain can indicate a clog or plugged line.

While a few pipe clogs can be fixed without the need for a plumber, others can be stubborn or indicate even bigger issues. When a plunger and store-bought drain cleaners aren’t doing the trick, call a local Mandurah plumber for service right away.

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Mandurah Drain Cleaning Services

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Few areas of the home experience drain issues more than the kitchen. Over time, the kitchen drain can run more slowly or eventually clog completely. What’s the culprit behind these drain issues? Generally, oils/drippings, detergents, grease, and cleaners can quickly build up within the pipes causing backups or issues. If you find yourself dealing with a clogged kitchen drain, call a local Mandurah Plumber who specializes in drawing cleaning to cut through the clog with a sink machine. These machines can remove debris and help to restore your drain to full functionality in no-time.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Our bathroom drains tend to take a lot of abuse. Between hair and soap buildup, showers and tubs can easily become clogged over time. Toothpaste and other grime can also offer up unique challenges to bathroom drains. Needless to say, keeping these drains free and clear is often impossible. Even toilets can easily become overwhelmed by non-flushable materials or foreign objects. No matter why your bathroom drains are clogged, a local Mandurah plumber will have the necessary tools and equipment to offer a thorough drain cleaning.

Bathroom Sink Cleaning

The bathroom sink gets a special shoutout for often becoming clogged with ease. How do you know if a bathroom sink is clogged? Aside from having water backing up into the sink, a clogged bathroom sink will always drain more slowly than it should. This is often due to soap scum, hair, toothpaste, makeup and beauty products that can build up in sink drains over time. Call a drain cleaning service Mandurah at the very first sign of a clogged bathroom sink for a thorough drain cleaning. If left untreated, a clogged bathroom sink can quickly cause issues in other parts of the bathroom and even the home.

Floor Drain Cleaning

Cellars and utility room drains are often ignored by homeowners until it is too late. Despite being on the lower level, these rooms tend to contain some of the most widely used plumbing components in the entire house. A Mandurah plumber can quickly and easily perform a full range of cellar and utility room floor drain cleanings.

Why do these drains matter? Believe it or not, floor drains in these rooms serve to keep excess water from building up and causing damage due to flooding. A clogged drain will cause water to backup into these rooms and other areas of the home. If you’re noticing a floor drain clog, a local plumber can easily pinpoint the cause and location of the clog to clear away whatever is causing backups in your floor drains.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Think drain cleaning issues are reserved for the indoors? Think again! That’s why Mandurah plumbers are ready to address clogs and drain cleaning issues with outdoor drains. A professional plumber can clean downspouts, locate clogs in outdoor plumbing, and provide all of the sewer and drain cleaning services you need.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Clogs and backups don’t just happen in the comfort of home, they happen at commercial businesses. Industrial and city sewer and drain problems are all too routine, as items such as plastic straws, napkins, mop cords, forks, playthings and feminine hygiene products can cause stoppages in a sink drain, ground drain, kitchen, toilet, or sewer pipe. A qualified Mandurah Plumber can quickly offer drain cleaning services to any commercial building or business.

Residential Roof Drains

Nearly every residential home has a roof gutter that flows into a downspout drain to help direct water away from the home. When these downspouts are connected to  underground drains they can sometimes become clogged with tree roots and debris. These types of clogs can cause gutters to overflow and the weight of the water can force gutters to pull away from a house while inflicting water damage. A local Mandurah plumber can mechanically clean roof drain pipes and determine the best means for cleaning and unclogging the pipe. Don’t wait until it is too late to take care of your residential roof drain.

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No matter why you may be suffering from a backup or clogged drain,  call a drain cleaning service in Mandurah as soon as possible.

Clogged drains can eventually turn into burst pipes or bigger issues. A clog may seem simple, but even the simplest of issues can turn into a serious plumbing emergency if not resolved quickly!


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Mandurah Plumber crew are amazing. We've had to call them on a number of occasions and they've always responded immediately. Great service that went above and beyond our expectations each time. And super reasonable pricing.
Noah Love
Mandurah. WA
I loved Mandurah Plumber. We have now used them twice (to fix our radiators and to remove our cooking gas lines). I have been very happy with their service both times; John has been really responsive to emails and he and his staff always seemed very competent and (unlike other contractors I've encountered in Mandurah) always doing things according to code. His prices are slightly more expensive than other quotes we've gotten but absolutely worth it for the great service we've gotten and the peace of mind that we can be sure the work is done right.
Tom Crimmins
Mandurah, WA
Just when I thought there wasn't an honest plumber left, I stumbled upon Mandurah Plumber. The plumber who went to my house was upfront about what he thought my issue was and suggested I get in touch with another type of service because he assumed I didn't need a licensed plumber. He actually tried to save me money! In the end, I did need a plumber, so I called back and he sent his associate Harvey to my place. Harvey was awesome too. Super friendly and went above and beyond to get the job done. All-around thumbs up to this company!!
C.J Holm
Mandurah, WA