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Blocked drains are a common reality for way too many homeowners. In fact, they are a major source of headaches in both new and old homes. Whether it is a blocked sewer, toilet, sink, tub, or stormwater drain — this common problem can quickly cause havoc in the home.

If you suspect a drain in your home is blocked call up a licensed Mandurah plumber today. We’ll send out a professional to locate the drain blockage and discover the source of the blockage itself.

Using the best equipment possible, we can unclog a blocked drain and fix the problem before it grows or gets worse. The earlier you contact a plumber about a blocked drain in your home, the easier it will be to fix.

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Different Types Of Drain Issues

Most Common Blocked Drain Porblems

Blocked Toilet Drains

Blocked toilet drains are a headache no homeowner wants to deal with on a regular basis. Yet, bothersome toilet clogs are all too common. Most of us try to deal with these inconveniences with a simple plunge. However, a clogged toilet can be a symptom of a wider problem that may exist in the sewer system itself. In this case, a simple plunge will not do. If you experience frequent toilet backups or clogged toilets, all is not well with your sewer system or internal plumbing.

What can cause these sewer drain issues? Generally, it all comes down to foreign objects in the toilet. If anyone in your home ever uses the toilet as a trash can, major problems can quickly arise. Objects such as baby wipes, personal care wipes, and feminine products should never be flushed down the toilet. In fact, toilets are only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper.

Still, if you find yourself living with a blocked toilet drain, don’t hesitate to call a local plumber Mandurah right away. We can diagnose and repair the problem with ease.

Main Drain Blockage

A main drain blockage can be a major disruption to your home’s entire plumbing system. Generally, these blockages occur due to issues with the two main exit arteries in the home: the stormwater drain and the sewer drain.

Each typically works to carry water and waste away from your home. Unfortunately, each can become clogged if your system is not maintained properly. When water and waste cannot drain, they simply live in the system and eventually back up into your home.

That’s not what anyone wants. What can cause a main drain blockage in your Mandurah home? Generally, these blockages are caused by the following things:

  • Pipe damage due to corrosion, soil erosion, or an uptick in ground traffic above
  • A sagging or old sewer line
  • Tree root infiltration (common in older homes)
  • Flushing debris down the toilet
  • Dumping grease or fats down the drain
  • Blocked sewer lines

No matter why you might be experiencing a main drain blockage we can help to quickly diagnose the blocked drains and fix the problem with ease. A local Mandurah plumber is quick, experienced, and skilled at solving blocked drain issues at every level of difficulty.

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Blocked sewer pipe

Signs You May Have A Blocked Sewer Line

As mentioned above, one of the biggest culprits behind a main drain blockage is a blocked sewer line. At Mandurah plumbing, we want to catch a sewer line issue before it’s too late. We’ve rounded up a few key warning signs to look out for if you’re experiencing blocked drains of any kind.

Frequent Backups in Your Drains

One of the first major symptoms of a blocked drain is frequent backups in the home. When this happens, you may try to use a liquid “drain cleaner” and call it a day. However, if you continuously experience drain clogs, especially in the lower level of your home, it could mean you have a blockage in your sewer pipe. If this is the case, call a local Mandurah plumber right away or look up blocked drains Mandurah.

Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged

Do you have a toilet or shower drain that keeps clogging? It may not be due to an individual pipe blockage.

Instead, the clog can be due to a main line blockage with your sewer line. If you find that more than one plumbing fixture blocks up at a time, you’re dealing with more than a simple blocked drain, you’re dealing with a big issue.

Weird Reactions When Using Plumbing Fixtures

Does flushing toilets cause water to back up from your tub or shower? Does toilet water ever start to bubble unexpectedly? Do you ever experience a gurgling noise as the toilet flushes or as the water in the bathtub drains? These might seem normal or even common, but they in fact are a symptom of a large blockage in your sewer line.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should call a Mandurah plumber as soon as you can as these issues will only worsen over time.

Your Lawn Looks A Little Different

Believe it or not, your lawn can be a great indicator of the health of your sewer line. For the most part, a sewer line will extend from your home, through your lawn, and straight into the city’s sewage system. However, if you have a blocked sewer drain, you’ll notice changes in your lawn over time. If you suspect a blocked sewer drain, look for these lawn changes:

  • A big indentation or dip in the lawn that wasn’t there before
  • A soggy patch of grass where it hasn’t rained or snowed

Each of these lawn issues are indicative of a main line blockage and specifically a blocked sewer drain. If you’re experiencing blocked drains more often than not, there might just be a deeper issue that only a qualified licensed plumber can resolve.

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Contact A Mandurah Plumber For Your Blocked Drains

No matter what the cause, blocked drains should always be dealt with by an experienced professional plumber. At Mandurah Plumber, we know our plumbers can handle whatever sewer or drain issue you have at hand, often in just one day!

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