How long does the hot water system last_

Hot water systems are important for every home in Australia mainly because of the extreme weather conditions that are common in the country. Hot water systems act as a solution against the extremely cold conditions of the outdoors that make it difficult for you to even take a bath. You should consider having hot water systems installed in your homes or even commercial buildings to provide comfort to all the occupants.

Hot water systems like every home use system that you want to work with have a terminal duration beyond which you just have to get them replaced. Most of them might begin showing signs of damage when they are in their tenth year of being used and they only proceed to work well until 12 years. For such, you will have to pay for regular repairs because most of their components are worn out and unable to match the needs for the production of hot water.

Proper maintenance will help to guarantee that the hot water systems can last to their potential lifespan. This is because well-maintained systems can sustain damage from external factors quite well and this makes them survive through the years and even to surpass the 12-year mark which is the expected lifetime for most hot water systems in Australia.

Before you make a decision on which hot water system you want to install in your Mandurah home. Extensive research is something that you must just do so that you get the best out of it. The different types of hot water system come in various styles and designs and this makes the customer experience from each variety.

For instance, there is the tank and tankless water heating systems that vary in what the customer might get from either. With the tank, the customer may get hot water stored in the tank for use for a particular period, whereas for the tankless the customer gets hot water seamlessly on-demand. Similarly, the electric water heating systems might be long-lasting if you want an option that is excellent for small apartments that are confined and don’t have enough spacing for the setup. On the other hand, gas water heating systems are required if you do not want to rely on electricity for your hot water.

The durability of hot water systems

On average, hot water systems can last for as long as 12 years on the upper side, however, some may not even go beyond the 8-year mark. Different manufacturers of the hot water systems provide an exact timeframe for the durability of the hot water systems from their brands. You should always consider getting a hot water system that has a longer lifespan to avoid dealing with numerous repair work to revive the normal working of the hot water system you have installed.

For you to know whether your hot water system is in its last stages you can always consider several factors that will indicate this. This will help you avoid rushing to pay for the entire replacement of the system when that is not even necessary. The following guide should help you determine the lifespan of the hot water system you have installed;

  1. If the hot water system has been used in the building for a significant number of year
  2. The water produced is not as hot as you wanted neither is it as hot as it could produce before
  • The hot water system’s tank produces unpleasant noises when it is working. Especially of the noise is not normal and sounds like hissing or sizzling sound
  1. You can spot sludge or rust on the metallic parts of the fittings of the hot water system you have installed
  2. Obvious damage on the hot water system that just needs you to get a replacement than just getting a professional to do frequent repair work

If you have been using your hot water system for as long as 15 years or more, then chances are that it has surpassed its lifespan. In Australia, most of the hot water systems may only be used for as long as 12 years on the upper side. Some signs that will assure you that you just need to replace the hot water system you have installed include noises from the system when it is working, failing to produce hot water consistently and also frequent repairs to have it going and mostly not as it did before.

You should be able to know the condition of your hot water system to avoid paying too much for the repair work when it is the end of the road for the system. Instead, you will just have to pay for a new hot water system to be installed as the accrued repair charges might get more than if you just bought a new and advanced one.

All in all, while hot water systems are your best friend especially when it gets quite cold in the outdoors, they may start acting up. Most of them begin to act up after they have been used for quite a while and are at the late stages of their lifespan. At this point, you will have to pay high amounts for the repair work of the hot water systems, you could also consider replacing them altogether. The last thing you want is to pay too much to have a well-functioning hot water system in your home.

Bottom line

If you have hot water systems installed for your residential or commercial property; whether the electrical or gas systems, chances are that they may not last forever. At one point in time, they will be affected in such a manner that too much repair work will be needed to set them up for proper operations. You will need to do this to avoid any stress and headaches that come along with poorly maintained or heavily damaged hot water systems. Therefore. It would be wise that you research about the variety of hot water systems and learn about what to expect from either of them as well as how long they can last. If you have any questions about what’s the best hot water system for you, contact Mandurah’s most trusted professional plumber.

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