Hot Water System Installation Cost in Australia

When the temperatures are getting quite cold at this time of the year, the excellent idea is to install hot water in your home. You can now have those relaxing hot baths with ease even when it is freezing outside. Hot water installation does not cost that much if you have an idea on how to economize the whole installation project. This article provides you with an idea on how you can install hot waters systems in your home in an affordable manner.

In Mandurah, getting a hot water system installation will cost you not less than $550 and not more than $10000. This is the cost that you will be charged for the systems and infrastructure as well as the labour that will be applied to set up the hot water systems. The unit (the hot water system) will vary with your needs and what you want to work with as a hot water system in your home.

For the case of standard type electric or gas water heating systems, you might have to pay as low as $400 and as much as $1600. Your choice of water heating system; either gas or electric will determine the cost that you will have to pay to have either of the systems installed. You might decide to go to the gas heating system if you think it will suit your needs best and will be comfortable for you to use. Similarly, an electric heating system might just be the one that fits your home’s needs.

A major factor that is a significant determinant of the price that it might cost you to have a water heater system installed for you is the type of system you want to work with. The variety of electric and gas water heating systems do not all cost the same price when you want them installed for your home. The table below is a summary of the cost of the variety of water heating systems, both gas and electric systems;

Type                                 Average Unit Price Range          Installation Cost

Standard Tank Storage         $400-$1,600                               $150-$600

Tankless                                  $250-$2,500                                $400-$1,500

Hybrid/High Efficiency       $700-$3,000                                 $150-$600

Solar                                       $1,000-$6,000                             $2,000-$4,000

Comparing the cost of tank vs tankless gas water heating systems

If you decide to get a water heating system for either your residential or commercial building, you will have to choose between the tank and tankless ones. These are the main styles that the plumbing company you decide to work will offer as a solution. They come along with a varied range of experience of usage. The plumbing company should be able to give you a preview of what to expect from either of them.

For the one that comes with a tank, you will have hot water stored in the tank and ready for use by anyone. The tank should be able to hold a significant amount of water which should provide you with convenience whenever the system has failed yet you need to have that hot bath after just coming back home from work. The tank water heating systems are popular as more than half of the homeowners and commercial buildings have this installed in them.

The tankless water heating systems do not come with a tank, and they offer you quite a different experience, unlike the tank style. The difference between the two styles is quite significant because of the difference in the experience that you get from the two. The high cost for this case is because of the labour charges because, for this type of installation, more work would be needed to set it up. The benefit from this type of system that makes some people go for it is because of their ability to offer seamless amounts of hot water all through the day. The water is also quite warmer than in the former option.

Comparing the gas water heating systems and the electric water heating systems

As indicated above, the cost of installation of water heating systems depends on whether you are going for a gas water heating system or an electric one. Natural gas water heating systems may vary in cost from the electric water systems with a difference of as much as $200. The units of the natural gas, as indicated, are quite costly, and come across as being less efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

Most of the people in Australia opt for it because of the high electricity bills that are common in various parts of the country. You could also opt for the gas type of water heating systems if you do not want to be affected when there is an electric blackout in the area. It, therefore, comes across to them as a much affordable and long-term water heating solution.

On the other hand, the electric water heating systems are opted for by those who want to heat water in a rather small apartment. They come in either the tank or tankless option. They are also the best option between the two if you do not have extra space for the venting or even for the repair work when something gets damaged in the system. Therefore, if your apartment is in a rather confined environment, you could always opt for this type of water heating system.

You can have a hot water system either installed in your commercial building or even for the residential building and this might vary in cost depending on several factors. A factor that will determine the cost you will incur is the complexity of the installation of the hot water system. For large commercial buildings that are designed in quite a complicated manner, you might have to pay more to get the water systems fully installed.

Bottom line

The various hot water systems come at various prices that will fit whatever budget that you are working with. You can consider either of the above and choose one that suits your needs and also your budget. You should be able to enjoy your experience with whatever water heating system that you are working with.

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